Over 50 years of history in graphic arts and printing. With roots in the art of color separation dating back fifty years, Sun Graphics, and its predecessor Sun Engraving, developed a discipline for superb quality and service. That commitment continues to permeate the organization today.

We formed in 1998 and operated as a standalone company until 2007 when key personnel in the areas of customer service, operations and marketing joined Sun Graphics, LLC. Renamed Sun Graphics Book and operating as a division of Sun Graphics, we now possess greatly enhanced capabilities as a result of this combination.

Sun Graphics and its predecessor company developed a discipline for quality and service dating back fifty years. With roots in the art of color separation we evolved as technology advanced and with 81 proud associates we developed into a full service printer. We are now able to provide services which include graphic design and photography, digital prepress and plate making, printing on web, sheet-fed, and digital presses, bindery including perfect binding using EVA and PUR processes and fulfillment.

Production operations are centralized in our 90,000 square foot facility located in Parsons, Kansas with sales offices in Arkansas City, Kansas. As our capabilities have expanded our objective has remained the same, to produce the highest quality product at a competitive price with a rigid commitment to on time delivery and above all else, satisfying the needs of our customers.

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