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Charles Fawcett is a native of Illinois who moved to Southern California with his family during his teen years.  His father was an auto mechanic, and he introduced his son to autos and auto racing at a young age, and it became a lifelong passion for him.  He graduated with honors from California State University at Long Beach with a B. S. degree in Finance, but the lure of automobiles was too great, and he spent 27 years employed by Nissan Motor Corp. before taking an early retirement.  He became interested in Bugattis as a teen when he was befriended by Dr. Milton Roth in Long Beach, California who was an avid and prolific Bugatti collector.
The author is a member of The American Bugatti Club, The Society of Automotive Historians, and he serves on the advisory board of the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame.

“The Bugattis of Jean De Dobbeleer”
by Charles Fawcett

Late in 2011 my good friend, and now publisher, Ron Kellogg, gave me the opportunity of a lifetime when he handed me the a binder full of 60 year old negatives of Bugattis, and told me to write a book about them.  These photos were significant because they had never before been seen by the public, and they covered a period in Bugatti history that could have been lost had it not been for these negatives.  I had never written a full length book before, and the staff at Central Plains Book guided me through the process and produced a book that has been praised both in the U.S. and Europe for its content and quality.

My book, “The Bugattis of Jean De Dobbeleer” contains over 370 vintage photos take at the De Dobbeleer facilities in Brussels, Belgium between 1957 and 1961.  De Dobbeleer was a car dealer  who specialized in Bugattis, and there is little doubt that he bought and sold more Bugattis than any other entity.  The book offers a look at this period of time as well as a brief biography of Jean De Dobbeleer and a description of many of the photos.  It provides a valuable reference work for Bugatti and all automotive historians.  The book can be ordered at kelloggautoarchives.com.

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